-William Butler Yeats
A service which provides outstanding tutoring services to a diverse range of clients across the globe.
Service of distinction

We regard ourselves as a service of distinction, nurturing you, the students in our care, with a profound commitment that stimulates intellectual growth.

Finest tutoring program

A vision of academic prosperity holds a central position in what we do and we can firmly promise all those that wish to work with us, the finest tutoring program.

We care more.  We do more.
We serve better.
Authenticity underpins everything we do and has paved the way for our founding principles. To give a fundamental overview of our work, we can wholeheartedly say: we care more; we do more; we serve better.

Our foundation is based on inspiring ambition and we achieve this through prioritising your guided mentorship. From providing effective emotional support to increasing educational awareness, we address a wide range of factors that contribute to your academic advancement. As an Ophelia client, you are guaranteed the provision of required resources for a pioneering experience.

Located within the United Kingdom, our services expand to facilitate students across a wide range of regions including: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and The United States. We embrace diversity and consider it one of our principle objectives to ensure that as our client, you always feel valued.

Indisputable specialist for tutoring English: a subject universally recognised for its prestige position.

As an Ophelia pupil, you will not merely develop the central communication and comprehension skills that are essential, but you will also procure a lasting passion of reading and exploring literature. Through our teaching, we intend to provide you with the reading and writing skills required for other subjects, alongside crucial analytical skills required to engage critically with the extensive range of texts you will read.

We are proud of our innovative approach to providing you with educational excellence through online tutoring.

Dedicated to instilling core values of perseverance and integrity, we aim to give you the support to become principled, open-minded and ambitious learners.

Our collaborative tutors regard it the utmost priority to develop a passionate attitude towards learning, a stimulating level of confidence and a strong drive of independence in you. Each one of these skills hold a fundamental position in your achievement of outstanding results and a prosperous journey beyond.

Ophelia’s international outlook has broadened its clientele platform to an age range of six to sixty-six, across five different continents. A journey here, which encompasses values of success and high aspiration, has formally resulted in the pursuing of careers such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, engineering, chartered accountancy, business, law and teaching for many previous students.

Confident yet humble, courageous yet responsible, you are appropriately nurtured to enter a constantly evolving meritocratic world.

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

Our establishment was founded by G.H.D., the creator of two successful tutoring companies which operate on both a local and universal scale. His initial approach began with a passion to give back to the children in his local community. Within 17 years, he has been able to broaden his ideas to provide academic support to children from all regions, all backgrounds and all lifestyles. The mindset behind his success is as follows:

Each child we work with is considered on a unique, individual basis. We recognise every child is different and work with parents with a guarantee of 100% honesty. I take it as my personal responsibility to work authentically and selflessly to nurture these students, that I, alongside my team, have been entrusted with.
2004 | Strong First Foot
2007 | Manifesting the Strong Work Ethic
2010 | Strong Second Foot
2011 | Creating a Dedicated Team
2013 | Impacting Thousands of Pupils
2021 | Operating Worldwide
Unparalleled tutoring program to a premium clientele worldwide.