Ophelia’s priority lies in providing an exceptional online tutoring experience, tailored to meet your needs.

We provide specialist high end tuition on a full time and part time basis. This can be supplementary to your ongoing education or even act as a full-time home-schooling provision. Constructive feedback and sincere communication are routine procedures which contribute towards our acclaimed delivery. It is our responsibility to embed Ophelia’s results-based focus and dynamic values into each client, providing them with an incomparable experience to attain the finest results.

Central to Ophelia’s aims is the promotion of academic excellence, and we take pride in our twenty years of experience and results.

As one of the most prestigious tutoring facilities worldwide, we deliver strongly to core subjects of Mathematics, Humanities and the Sciences at all levels, for both the English and Scottish curriculum.

Strong experience

Our strong experience and unmatched passion for eminence in everything we do ensures the optimum results in Key Stages 1 to 3, GCSE, iGCSE, A Levels and O Levels. We also deliver to those aiming to undertake National 5, National Advance and National Higher exams.

Creative approach

Our services further extend to exclusive learners from all backgrounds helping them excel in British School entrance exams. We aim to provide a flexible and creative approach to education integrating your cultural values and knowledge into our teaching.

Our online tutoring services cover a wide range of circumstances and include the following:
  • Worldwide iGCSE and entrance exams
  • Children re-taking crucial exams
  • Learners with SEN such as ADHD and dyslexia
  • Children requiring home schooling due to personal circumstances
  • Expatriates
  • Children with demanding extracurricular commitments such as sports
  • Children who travel regularly
  • Students changing school systems
Achieving our objectives

We achieve our principal objective through our three stages to a successful tutoring course:

Thorough assessment
Identification of issues
Tailored solutions
Structuring a personalised action plan.

The initial stages will highlight the problems, challenges and barriers our client faces in their learning. This is then followed by structuring a personalised action plan and setting realistic targets. There is wide scope for flexibility through our continuous reassessments which allows progress to be evaluated and action plans to be adjusted accordingly. These are vital components that ensure our clients are able to progress at the required pace, obtaining optimum results and individual targets.

Each client will be assigned an individual tutor, sincerely dedicated to reviewing and developing the pupil’s academic progress. With an outstanding team of experienced tutors, our clients swift and effective educational development is guaranteed.

School Entrance Exams

Ophelia presents experienced tutors who devise a personalised programme to prepare pupils for 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ or 16+ entrance exams as well as computerised tests (inculding the ISEB Pre-Test and UKISET).


Ophelia presents experienced and professional tutors to deliver high quality GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A Level tutors across the subject spectrum. Each tutor has a thorough understanding of the exam board.

UK University Entrance

Ophelia provide a variety of specialist tutors who can assist students preparing for university entrance exams and interviews for Oxford, Cambridge and other leading UK universities.

Unparalleled tutoring program to a premium clientele worldwide.